This is the Xnorophis set on the main stage of the Eclipse Summer Electronic Festival 2010. This was the live set of the 2010 release called XR7, a funky trance set.




This is the cinematic and TV trailer of the NBC mini series Heroes featuring the Xnorophis track, starlite, from the album The Tale of the Forgotten Key.




Xnorophis has the track 'Kiya' featured on the World Travel TV series set in Jordon.

Kiya can be found on the 2006 CD release 'The Tale of the Forgotten Key.

  The song 'Acceptance' from the Xnorophis album 'Tantric Tank' is feature on the world travels TV series on Ethiopia.


  Xnorophis Live at the Pandemonium Festival 2011, Quebec, Canada
   Bionic Prophets Xnorophis video with the track, Sadu Mind

This was the first show with Xnorophis and ToyKult [] live at the SAT [Society of Arts and Technology], in Montreal, Canada on 22 November 2007.

Filmed by Renaud Kasma [].

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